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the Englishman ever found?" Lance asked. "That I can't tell you," Stevens went on. "Silva is very close about his own affairs, and I believe that he belonged to some

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secret society. He told me the picture had been painted for him by a clever compatriot of his, who was trying to make a name for himself. Of course, it was nothing to me, and I asked no questions about it. When Silva went away to fulfil an engagement up in the North, he asked me to take care of the portrait, and it has been hanging on the wall opposite ever since. I hope there is nothing wrong about it." "Indeed there is," Lan

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len one night from his studio some three years ago." Stevens gave a sud

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den start.

"I recollect it," he cried; "I recollect it perfectly. I remember that there was a great outcry at the time, and that a large reward was offered for the recovery of the pictures. Lord, if I had only k

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hink that all this time----" "That reward would have been yours," Venables smiled grimly. "You would not have allowed your friendship for this man Silva----" "Friendship!" Stevens said contemptu

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ously. "What i

s friendship where money is concerned? And, after all, Silva was no real pal of mine. Precious little use he was to me." "Oh, you'll find us useful enough if you play your cards correctly," Venable

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ent whenever he crossed the Channel." "Was
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  • we know that he gave you money tonight. You are quite ast

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